The Narrator’s opening speech, from The Trace Beginning

As the narrator is my office here,

Hot bold arrivals mine are to declare.

Behold the glories of the modern world!

The populace that ever better lives,

The tamed wild, the unsure but mostly peace:

Once rare gold dreams now succour everywhere.

O for a pen electric, like past bests,

To write bequests of genius and time.

Yet how can sense in still humility

Begin even to dream, to dare, to find

The faintest trace beginning of the rage

To write more words upon already’s page?

Here let us, bowing, kiss submission to

The bracing raced creative calendar.

Here let us not on yesterdays defer,

But to the brazen dawn and prospect hitch

The wonder, love and gamble that seeks Spring.

Forgive, o kind chance audience, the peradventure

Stumbles that a trainee scribe

Makes on the way to verse. Bless hope’s benign

Reception on all this, and let us see

Together whether wordflow glorifies.

Let on it vault the secrets of your mind.

It is not pixels, but imaginings

Together that construct all wonderment.

Where words speak height, then let your vision see

The eagles and thrust flight of majesty.

Now no more introductions, let’s go on.

Let wordflow paint its glory in the air,

And so to a quick story let’s repair.


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“I know what beauty is,” from The Trace Beginning

I know what beauty is. I see the light.

I pleasure in the warmths of August, and

I know what good is from an infant’s smile.

Some things I know, I yearn for as the world,

Yet I know not how came they first about.

Things other I know well how they are made:

Created, manufactured, put in place;

With inputs, calibrations, diligence,

Infinities of tiny tests constructing

Processes from which then industry

Puts shoppers’ wants on shelves for daily price.

How make we tiny tests to mould a dawn,

To furnish beauty from not gods but us?

Words have no answer, but it is like love:

The soft caress that suits to every day;

The holding hand which helps unstable way;

The peace when need is silence, cheer when live;

The run when she wants speed, the slow still night;

The water cup in the hot path, or quick

Protection from the unexpected storm;

The years lifelong of pain and care, if they

Are the sole anywhere that love to love,

For happiness to reach, swears fealty.

This here is our pursuit and diligence.

No plan can put such good adjustments in,

Yet a loved lover learns how to go on.


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